BBAx Architects

Church Unlimited, Rodd Field Road

Corpus Christi

Programmatic Requirements

Bay Area Fellowship’s 2500-seat main campus worship center was completed in 2007. As a way to continue growth to surrounding areas, the church started several satellite campuses, retrofitting existing buildings to accommodate smaller groups while using live feeds of the sermon from the main campus. Each location has in-house worship teams. This model has been very successful as the church has continued to grow members with a broad reach.

Design Solutions

Major building development and population growth in Corpus Christi’s Southside made the Rodd Field Road area the perfect location for a similar satellite campus. Building plans will simulate a smaller version of the main campus. The facility will provide space for 750 persons in worship as well as children’s worship and classroom space. Future expansion will include designated student worship space.
This is the first new construction approach to satellite campuses for the church.