BBAx Architects

Church Unlimited, Broadcast

Corpus Christi, Texas

Programmatic Requirements

This church, recently founded in 1999, has experienced rapid growth. It now serves over 3,000 members. The church was started by Pastor Bil Cornelius who came to Corpus Christi with a vision to start a church that would use modern methodology to reach people with God’s message of salvation. In order to continue their congregational and program growth the church purchased a 90-acre site. Phase I construction is to include: 2,500 seat Sanctuary, Staff offices, Children’s Ministry, Youth Worship Center and Nursery. Future phases provide for an atrium gathering area, additional education space, and a 5,000-seat auditorium. The new facility will be a major asset in the church’s goal of reaching 10,000 people by the church’s 10th anniversary in 2008.

Design Solutions

The design for the church reflects their need for a building that represents their non-traditional church approach to ministry. The layout allows for a future large atrium that will link this initial phase to a future, larger worship space. The “wave” roof form calls attention to the building entries and sets up a future, more formal entry into the atrium. The church’s media-driven approach and the building interior’s industrial aesthetic reinforce the church’s emphasis on the relational needs of the members instead of the more costly finishes in a traditional church building.