BBAx Architects

Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative, Giddings

Giddings, Texas

Programmatic Requirements

Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative is a major electrical service supplier for counties stretching from the east side of Austin to the northwest boundaries of Houston.Facing pending deregulation and a growing staff, the company needed to provide
additional offices for its Engineering Department presently housed at the company headquarters. Recent and future changes in the way the company will interact with its customers necessitated that the company consider a new and separate building located on its 7-acre site on the east side of Giddings.

Design Solutions

BBA worked with the client to create a space program for 40 engineers and support staff. Central to the design was the ability to construct a building that would allow for future expansion. The client also desired a building that would be a long-term investment and convey the image of its expanding organization. The new facility uses a pre-engineered metal building system combined with use of private offices and open workstations to meet the program requirements. The design also provides library, computer support, conference rooms, lunch facilities and field crew offices. Each of these spaces was inadequate in the existing facility in downtown Giddings. The building was placed on the site to afford ease of access by both the employees and the public. The project was competitively bid, and Gaeke Construction of Giddings was selected as the General Contractor.