BBAx Architects

Bryan Residence

Bryan, Texas

Programmatic Requirements

As hardworking lawyers and parents, this couple sought a balance between formal and family. They bought land in the Bryan/College Station area due to work proximity, but desired a home that would feel like an oasis. The program was for a comfortably sized home that allowed them to maintain the family dynamic. Separate parent/child private spaces was desired but within close proximity and visibility with a large casual kitchen/living space that encouraged interaction rather than isolation. The idea of hosting guests and bringing their family together, along with a unique, sloping site drove the design and program of their modern home.

Design Solutions

Situated on unique topography, the home almost floats above the natural terrain. The fifteen foot elevation drop from street to rear of property provided BBA with an interesting obstacle to overcome. Rather than attempt to fill the lot to a uniform elevation as was the design solution for most of the lots in the area, BBA encouraged using that unique site feature to create a home as “treehouse” design solution. A bridged entry to the main living space on the upper floor not only is dramatic, but unique-and prepares those entering for a panoramic view of the rear yard pool, tree-lined creek, and smattering of views to the golf course beyond. Circulation down to the first floor links the main living floor to the lower level game room, pool and outdoor living/dining space. This unique separation formed a home unlike any other. The open plan, large floor to ceiling windows, and strategic views of nature come together to create a breathtaking experience. Modern uses of stone and ceramic finishes paired with grand views of the outdoors result in a chic treehouse-like home. The couple can accommodate guests indoors at the kitchen counter or dining room table, in the downstairs game room, or outdoors by the stunning pool, fire pit, or patio area. The family can enjoy time together in the grand room, craft room, or outdoors as well. The Emory Oak Residence melds indoor and outdoor, formal and family in a way described by the owners as an amazing place to live.