BBAx Architects

Church Unlimited, Rockport

Rockport, Texas

Programmatic Requirements

Church Unlimited is based out of Corpus Christi, but had a campus that ministered in the community of Rockport, one of the hardest hit by Hurricane Harvey in 2017. The existing facility was wiped out by the hurricane, and as a past client of ours, Church Unlimited asked for our help to rebuild. BBA responded with gratuitous design services. The original plan was to move ahead with a simple, pre-engineered building that would be used as a local congregation church, but would also serve as a wedding chapel. Over time, the program was re-visited to grow into something the community would be proud of and welcome in their downtown area

Design Solutions

Though the footprint for the building was kept very simple, the downtown-facing facade was designed to evoke a coastal vibe that flattered the downtown area and its historic harbor roots. The building also integrates windstorm construction assemblies to ensure the facility will serve the church’s needs through future coastal storm impacts. The children’s spaces are on one end of the building with a central lobby that connects to the worship space on the opposite end of the facility. One of the children’s classrooms will double as a bridal room when the building serves as a wedding chapel. BBA is gratified to have assisted with returning Church Unlimited to its fuller ministry potential within the Rockport community.