BBAx Architects

Citizens State Bank, Somerville

Somerville, Texas

Programmatic Requirements

As the third architectural endeavor with Citizens State Bank, the BBA-designed addition and remodel of the existing Somerville branch carries forth the architectural identity of the bank defined in earlier bank branch constructions. Through the use of local limestone and metal roof and siding panels, the bank reestablishes its presence in downtown Somerville. The existing portion of the building is clad in the same limestone as the new addition, unifying the building’s material palette. By
introducing a new element to the already established repertoire of materials, the new steel and wood entry trellises at the north and west entry courts formally mark the public entry points into the building. New exterior sunshades with metal grating
reduce the infiltration of summer sun and establish an architectural characteristic making the corporate offices unique while remaining true to the brand identity of rural, historic Texas materials used in refined, modern ways.

Design Solutions

Working within the constraints of the downtown site meant that much of the square footage of the addition would need to go vertical. At the first floor, a new community room accommodates for a multitude of functions and includes a kitchen. The existing second floor expands over the new drive-thru teller lanes and a new third floor completes the addition. The cantilevered balconies off of the second floor boardroom and breakroom offer an extension of the interior space allowing bank employees to enjoy a step outside. The new building form was taken from the former original public school building in Somerville. Linearity of exposed steel and railings emphasizes the impact of the railroad on the community’s past.